Love is a scary thing

That can wrap you in his arms one second 

And hold your head underwater the next

It’s what keeps your heart beating

It was makes you think you’re still alive

But in reality we’re all zombies

Waiting for someone to arrive

Waiting for someone to wake us up

Into another life

Into a place of oblivion

To forget what’s really around us 

And forget the obstacles we face 

But in the near future

Love turns into a double-edged sword

That stabs you in the back

And twists your soul

You have become a slave to your own thoughts

And insomnia is second nature to you during the night

It rips you apart and throws you in a corner

But the worst part…

Is that no matter what

you still love the one who was holding the sword.



Tears fall down your red cheek

Red anger

Your heart lost its beat

And you don’t feel complete.

The only thing complete is silence inside the room.

But you’re already drowning in it.

You’re choking on it.

Filled with it.

Everyone has becoming nothing.

Their souls have flown away

To another day

To another place

While yours is stuck in a maze

And you’re the only one stuck

You’re the only one in a rut

Everyone’s mystery is solved

Yet you haven’t even evolved

Into that person that they’ve become

Haven’t found that brightness like everyone

But someday you’ll understand

How God and destiny had its plan

And you’ll find that happiness that needed to bloom

You’ll find joy to fill the room.

There’s One Pill Left

Outside is full of danger

And the inside is full of insecurity
The blinds need to be shut

But her eyes are filled with purity.

She was attacked with swords that broke into her soul and stole kindness

Now all she is is a broken diamond

Destroyed when it was at its finest.

Even though the beautiful flower still grows inside

She’s scared that someone will crush it’s beauty

And it’s death will add another reason to the tears she’s cried.

So she shuns everyone.

Her only hope lays inside a prescription bottle that calms the anxiety of her past.

The only band-Aid she has.

Now she’s crawled up in a corner

Because she has nothing left.

She has only one pill left.

Confused On Love.

Feelings get caught with logic,

And your mind plays with your heart.

But still you try to keep it together

And try to turn your life into a work of art.

Yet, still, in your mind, you’re confused

Because that person is in the back of your brain

And you’re torn apart inside 

And it makes you go insane.

You should know that some people are worth a mental breakdown

While some aren’t worth a thought

But you will figure it out

Once you listen to your heart.

Current Mood



I want to have blue, curly hair that flows in the wind, and bounces when I walk.

I want to listen to alternative and rock songs that make me want to release my instanity.

I want to have curves that inspire people to improve their image, but at the same time I want to eat my freaking heart out.

I want to be a vegan that can eat a vegetable without thinking about a slice of pizza.

I want to dress like I’m going to Cochella. Dress in black leather jackets, vintage, ripped up clothing and black leather boots.

I want to drive 500 miles and discover a new wonder in the world that I didn’t know existed.

I want to make a friend that shares that same aura as me, but was a complete stranger before this morning.

All I want is to become who I am, and this is the road to becoming myself.